Kathy L. Murphy


Yes, that’s me, the chameleon. You see in everything I do as an artist I am creating to put my own spin on how everything should be perceived. I myself am a canvas,.When not in my paint clothes I am either doing a Zoom meeting or going out into the world with a costume in mind for whatever the occasion. Every day is dressing up.

I put myself through college being a hairdresser, a cut and colorist, and makeup artist too. These daily rituals come in to play to create a unique look as I love to entertain the possibilities of perception. I like to do what has not done before so whether I am as a circus ringmaster, juggling my art life, my International Pulpwood Queens ad Timber Guys Book Clubs, their online programs and annual book club convention, or writing either my blogs or working on my next book, I don’t sit still long and then there is my art. I do most everything like a three ring circus with my rescue cats being my animal act. They are perfectly untrained and mostly “crack the whip” at me so to speak on letting them in and out of my little cabin in the woods called Murphy’s law. My art studio is just a few steps outside in it’s own headquarters. So all I can say is be surprised, it is too hard to sum up in mere words on one page. I hope you find it worth the effort to check out my website, my art, and pages often.


Kathy L. Murphy Artist

CEO and /Founder of The International Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Clubs Author of “The Pulpwood Queens’ Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life”

P.O. Box 1220Hawkins, Texas 75765 – 1220


Designer at www.shopvida.com/collections/thepulpwoodqueen Artist at www.decorateornate.com

Bookshop at www.bookshop.org/Shop/ThePulpwoodQueenBookShop

What do I do?
  • I work in nature, outside and take many walks in the woods
  • DREAM BIG and encourage others to DREAM BIG too!
  • Travel, not so much the last two years but once this Covid thing gets licked there is no stopping me.
  • I do not sleep much and I live to see my two year old grandson and family. They call me Mama Kat.
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