Kathy L. Murphy/The Pulpwood Queen Art Inspired Fashions

Hi, I’m Kathy L. Murphy,
and these are my art inspired fashions for you and your home.

Kathy L. Murphy and Heidi Surber Teichgraeber

Photo taken of me and my childhood friend on our way to attend “Dancing with the Stars” in Los Angeles, California.

Neesha LaStage

Kathy L. Murphy

Heidi Surber Teichgraeber

Many of my Art Inspired Kimonos

Kathy L. Murphy

In one of my art inspired kimonos with one of my paintings now in Pat Montadon Private Collection in Beverly Hills, California.

All my models at my recent Art, Book, and Art Inspired Fashion Show at Leonardo Lamoureaux’s LAMOUREAUXGALLERY downtown on the square in Tyler, Texas.

Kathy L. Murphy and Neesha LaStage

Kathy L. Murphy with her art at LAMOUREAUXGALLERY.

Kathy L. Murphy with author, Stephanie Chance and friends at LAMOUREAUXGALLERY.

Artist, Brenda Houck Brannon wearing one of my art inspired sheer wrap kimonos.

Leonardo Lamoureaux, gallery owner with Neesha LaStage

Brenda Houck Brannon painting of author, Stephanie Chance, Brenda, and me, Kathy L. Murphy at LAMOUREAUXGALLERY.

Lana Neimann modeling one of my art inspired kimonos.

Leonardo Lamoureaux, Glenn E. Cook III, and Josh White modeling my kimonos at LAMOUREAUXGALLERY.

Great day with all my dearest friends at LAMOUREAUXGALLERY

All my models for art inspired fashion show at LAMOUREAUXGALLERY.

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