Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood and India New Inspired Art Collection

You all I live in a little cabin in the woods in East Texas that I call Murphy’s law. I am about as isolated as I can be living with my four rescue cats during this time of Covid and social distancing. I am reading, working on my next book, “The Pulpwood Queen Goes Back to School”, and watching from India and beyond ever single night. I have seen all the Shah Rukh Khan films and waiting anxiously on all the next ones to be revealed. I am writing a whole chapter on the topic above as you see Shah Rukh Khan, the films of Bollywood, and my passion on now all things of India have gotten me through so much now going on two years during the time of this pandemic

Inspired by all of this I decided I would paint to de-stress from the loss of real in person conversations. Always one to embrace color, I always begin a painting by thinking about the color scheme first, then I paint what I want to see. So introducing my New Bollywood and India and beyond themed new Art Collection. They are posted on this site for purchase and will be traveling to Tyler, Texas, Sunday, June 27th to give an Art and Book Talk and Art Inspired Fashion Show from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST at Leonardo Lemoureaux’s LAMAUREAUXGALLERY on the square, Downtown Tyler, Texas. Check out my Calendar of Events here and on my website too.

Enjoy the photo montage and hope to see you in Tyler, Texas or email me at is you have any questions on the paintings. I will be bringing a lot more paintings too and have them posted here on this website for purchase too.

Art is my life and approach all as I do as putting the most beauty out in the this great big beautiful world,

Kathy L. Murphy, artist

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