The Pulpwood Queens New Bollywood-esque Art Chairs!

I have been working on a collection of paintings inspired by my love of Bollywood and all things I love of India. They are now up for purchase on this Kathy l. Murphy art page and now expanding out to create mixed media/collage works and now Bollywood-esque Art Chairs. Here are some new photos of things I have been working on at my home art studio.

Kathy L. Murphy with two of her paintings outside the gallery of where she is presently exhibiting her New collections at Stephanie Chance’s Decorate Ornate in Gladewater, Texas.

Kathy L. Murphy’s dining room table decorated with her collection of all things Bollywood and beyond plus some of her New Bollywood-esque art collection too at her little cabin in the woods, Murphy’s Law.

All the rest of the photographs on this blog page are more photos of her New Bollywood-esque collection in her kitchen/art studio at her home, Murphy’s Law.

Thank you for viewing my New Bollywood-esque collection inspired by my love all things India. Now you can check out my page of for purchase works and email me at if you have any questions about any of my work. I do commissions and would love to have a conversation about creating something especially for you and your home or gift giving.

Kathy L. Murphy

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